Truc Quan Ly Le Murder Case: Updates on Alex Castillo and Ahmia Feaster

Truc Quan Ly Le Murder Case: Updates on Alex Castillo and Ahmia Feaster

The tragic murder of Truc Quan "Sandy" Ly Le has captivated audiences across the country, especially on Fox's 'America's Most Wanted' Season 2, Episode 6, titled 'Young Love Ends in Murder.' This article delves deeper into the case, focusing on the current whereabouts of the key suspects, Alejandro "Alex" Rosales Castillo and Ahmia Feaster, as well as the events leading up to the disappearance, cross-border evasion, legal actions taken, and ongoing efforts to bring closure to this tragic case.

The Disappearance and Suspicions

What led to Truc Quan Ly Le's disappearance?

Truc Quan "Sandy" Ly Le's disappearance unfolded in August 2016 after a supposed meeting with her former partner, Alex Castillo. The motive behind this meet was allegedly a debt owed to Le by Castillo, adding complexity to the case.

Why were suspicions raised against Alex Castillo and Ahmia Feaster?

Castillo's and Feaster's sudden disappearance, coupled with suspicious financial transactions and Le's last-known contact with Castillo, led authorities to suspect their involvement. The intricate web of relationships among the three co-workers at Showmars restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, fueled speculation about motives and culpability.

Alex Castillo photo

Alex Castillo pictured

The Cross-Border Evasion

What happened after Truc Quan Ly Le's disappearance?

Following Le's disappearance, Castillo and Feaster fled to Mexico, evading law enforcement. Their border-crossing raised questions about their intentions and culpability in Le's demise. Authorities intensified efforts to locate them, navigating legal complexities across international borders.

Ahmia Feaster's Surrender

Why did Ahmia Feaster surrender to authorities?

Feaster's surrender in October 2016 provided insight into the events leading up to Le's murder. Her cooperation revealed critical information about Castillo's alleged involvement and their initial plans to flee. Feaster's decision to come forward marked a watershed moment in the investigation, providing valuable insights into the case's complexities.

What legal steps were taken against Ahmia Feaster?

Feaster was charged with accessory after the fact to murder and possession of a stolen vehicle. She was extradited back to the United States, arrested, and eventually released on bond. The legal proceedings against Feaster highlighted the complexities of her role and the pursuit of justice following Le's tragic death.

Alex Castillo's Evasion and Manhunt

What is Alex Castillo's current status?

Despite being charged with first-degree murder and evasion of prosecution, Castillo is still at large. Authorities believe he has strong connections in Mexico, making his arrest difficult. The ongoing manhunt for Castillo demonstrates the ongoing efforts to hold him accountable for his alleged involvement in Le's murder.

Where could Alex Castillo be hiding?

Based on his known connections and history, potential locations include Mexico's Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, and Veracruz, as well as Phoenix, Arizona. However, his exact location remains unknown. The elusive nature of Castillo's evasion highlights the complexities of international fugitive investigations and the difficulties presented by border crossings.


Q: Was anyone else charged in connection to Truc Quan Ly Le's murder?
A: Felipe Ulloa was also charged, but the reasons for his arrest are unknown. The details surrounding Ulloa's involvement deepen the investigation, emphasizing the case's multifaceted nature.

Q: Is there a reward for information that leads to Alex Castillo's capture?
A: There is an official reward of $250,000 for any information that leads to Castillo's arrest. The substantial reward reflects the gravity of the situation and the importance of apprehending Castillo in order to provide closure for Le's family and friends.

Q: Where Are Alex Castillo and Ahmia Feaster Now?
Alex Castillo remains at large, with authorities suspecting he may be hiding in Mexico or potentially in Phoenix, Arizona. Ahmia Feaster surrendered to authorities, was extradited back to the US, and later released on bond pending legal proceedings.


The case of Truc Quan Ly Le's murder continues to grip the public's attention, with ongoing efforts to locate and bring justice to the suspects, particularly Alex Castillo. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement and public cooperation remain crucial in achieving closure for Le's family and friends. As the investigation progresses, the quest for truth and accountability serves as a testament to the resilience of communities impacted by tragedy.

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