Terrible moment Kid knocks on man's door late at night as a "ghost" before running away

colombia ghost experience

Imagine being awakened in the dead of night by the sound of persistent knocking on your front door, only to find a mysterious child standing there, then vanishing into thin air. This bone-chilling experience was captured on video by Diego Spyckerzs, a tattoo artist from Colombia, and has left viewers around the world trembling with fear.

The Terrifying Encounter Unfolds

Diego Spyckerzs found himself thrust into the midst of a real-life horror movie when he heard the eerie knocking at his door late one night. With trembling hands, he grabbed his camera and began filming the spine-chilling encounter. In the video, we see an expressionless child, illuminated by the dim light from the street, repeatedly pounding on the door. Diego's whispered words betray his fear as he narrates the scene unfolding before him: "There’s a child knocking on the door."

A Ghostly Disappearance

As Diego cautiously approaches the door, the pounding intensifies, sending shivers down the spine of anyone watching the video. With bated breath, he unlocks the door and swings it open, expecting to confront the mysterious visitor. But to his horror, the child is nowhere to be seen. In a matter of seconds, the ghostly apparition vanishes into thin air, leaving Diego bewildered and shaken.

Community Reactions: Fear and Superstition

The spine-tingling video quickly spread across social media, sparking a wave of fear and superstition among viewers. Local residents shared their own tales of paranormal encounters and offered chilling warnings to Diego and others who may find themselves in similar situations.

  • Carlos's Warning: "When someone knocks on your door at night, don’t open it. You’re giving entry to that evil spirit into your house."
  • Anderson's Concern: "Getting him out of his house is going to be difficult now."
  • Maria's Superstition: "You shouldn’t open the door because if you open it and don’t see anything, it’s because it’s already inside."
  • Miranda's Advice: "Run, don’t open it anymore... sprinkle holy water and chase it away, run away."
  • Edith's Suggestion: "Shout, 'What you want and why are you looking for me? Do I know you? Go away and don’t knock on my door again.' It has worked for me when they call me, but with a firm voice."
  • Franciel's Superstition: "When you see that thing, throw salt or holy water."
  • Aisha's Fear: "Dear God, this video comes up at exactly 11:58 pm. I don’t dare to even get up and open the curtain to close the window."

Conclusion: A Haunting Mystery

The haunting visitation captured by Diego Spyckerzs has left many questions unanswered and fueled the fear of the unknown. Whether it was a mere coincidence or a genuine encounter with the paranormal, one thing is certain: the video serves as a stark reminder of the thin veil between the world of the living and the realm of the supernatural. As the night descends and the darkness envelops us, the chilling memory of the ghostly child knocking on the door lingers, sending shivers down our spines.

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