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NH4 Karnataka ghost

NH4 Highway, near Hubli in Karnataka, India, isn't just known for its scenic beauty. It's also famous for spooky stories that travelers share about weird happenings they've experienced while driving there.

The Mystery Woman:

Drivers often talk about a strange lady they've seen along NH4. She looks beautiful and asks for help or a ride. But here's the spooky part: as drivers stop to help her, she disappears! Then, when they start driving again, she suddenly appears in front of their car, laughs, and vanishes again.

Strange Noises:

People also hear odd sounds that seem like tires being punctured. But when they stop to check, everything seems fine. These noises come and go, leaving everyone puzzled about where they're coming from.

Mysterious Spot near Hubballi (Hubli):

Near Hubballi, Karnataka, there's a place where drivers often see this strange lady. She asks for help, but when they try to assist, she disappears. People find this really strange and it makes them a bit nervous when they drive in that area.

FAQ About NH4 Highway Encounters:

  1. What are the reported supernatural encounters on NH4 Highway?
    • Encounters range from sightings of a mysterious woman soliciting rides to unexplained sounds resembling tire punctures along specific stretches.
  2. Are there other phenomena reported along this highway?
    • Beyond ghostly encounters, drivers have experienced eerie noises, yet no tire issues are found upon inspection.
  3. Have these encounters affected travelers' experiences on NH4?
    • Yes, drivers have expressed caution, advising against stopping, especially during late hours, if encountering a woman seeking assistance along the highway.


The legends and inexplicable occurrences along NH4 Highway near Hubli continue to capture the imagination and curiosity of travelers. Despite attempts at rationalization, these haunting tales persist, shrouding this picturesque highway in an aura of mystery and leaving us pondering the inexplicable nature of these encounters.

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