After 24 Years in a Coma, Clarinha, the Mysterious Patient from ES, Dies in Vitória


An unidentified woman who had been in a coma since 2000, following a hit-and-run incident, has unfortunately died. Despite prolonged and diligent endeavors lasting for more than twenty years, her true identity remained concealed in secrecy until her last moments.

Background: The Fateful Day

June 12, 2000, marked a significant moment in Brazilian history, as it was not just Valentine's Day but also the day when a woman was struck by a car in the heart of Vitória, Espírito Santo. The driver callously fled the scene, leaving the victim unconscious and devoid of any identification. Rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with severe brain trauma, plunging her into a coma that persisted for an astonishing 24 years.

Efforts to unveil her identity proved futile, despite appeals made on national television and exhaustive searches for potential relatives or acquaintances. Lacking any documentation, she was endearingly referred to as "Clarinha" by the medical staff, owing to her fair complexion.

Key Information: Unraveling the Mystery

  • Eyewitnesses recounted seeing Clarinha fleeing from an unidentified individual moments before the accident, suggesting a possible connection to her tragic fate.
  • The presence of a C-section scar hints at a potential maternal status, raising questions about her family and any existing children who may remain unaware of her plight.
  • Clarinha's estimated age at the time of her demise, approximately 45 years old, sheds light on her life trajectory, indicating that she was merely in her early twenties when the accident occurred.

Unanswered Questions: Seeking Closure

Authorities have been looking into the accident for years, but they still don't know important details about it or who did it. The vehicle involved has not been identified, which makes it even harder to figure out what happened that terrible day.

  • Who was pursuing Clarinha, and what circumstances led to her being chased?
  • The absence of any community recognition or missing person reports raises suspicions about Clarinha's origins and affiliations.
  • Conducting a DNA test to ascertain her ethnic heritage could provide valuable insights into her background and potential ties to Brazil or beyond.

As Clarinha is laid to rest, her story is a moving reminder of the mysteries that still exist in our world. Even though a lot of time has passed, her mysterious presence still leaves a lot of unanswered questions and a legacy that goes beyond her unknown identity. {Source:}

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